A User Guide of Data Transfer in Magento 2

A User Guide of Data Transfer in Magento 2

In this article, we will discuss more detailed about Data Transfer in Magento 2.

Data is the most important factor in information technology, especially in ecommerce. Regarding to data, you must mention Data transfer, and in Magento 2 we also meet Date Transfer term.

As the previous blog “An Explanation For Structure Of Magento 2 System Menu”, we provide general introduction about Data Transfer in Magento 2. In that topic, Data Transfer was mentioned to be included in System Menu in Magento 2.

Data Transfer term actually provides tools in order to import and export data. You can organize multiple records in single operation at ease with this import and export data tools. As an admin, you can make use of Data Transfer to import new products, delete items, replace or update data.

For instance, if you already have a catalog of products, then you export these data to edit data in a spreadsheet, you can easily import this list back using CSV file into your Magento store. Another outstanding sample is that you can add new product to your Magento site, or update data and advanced prices, or even replace the existing items with those new products.

Hence, Data Transfer in Magento 2 ensures to help your adding new product process to become more quickly and conveniently than doing manually.

In Data Transfer, you have to understand these related term:

  • Working with CSV Files: you need to know how to use CSV file for data import.
  • Import: there are 3 other included options: import history, import product images and import guidelines.
  • Export: you need to know about export and export criteria.
  • Product Attribute Reference: this will let you know about list of attributes of product to export.
  • Customer Attribute Reference: you will get details about attributes of customer to export data.

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