Things to Know About Magento Marketplace

Things to Know About Magento Marketplace

Magento Marketplace is a kind of application store which is built-up by Magento platform founders. Magento Marketplace offers businessmen a fundamental selection of solutions from thousands Magento providers in the world as well as provides qualified developers the tools, platform and prime location to build a wealthy business.

To visit Magento Marketplace

Go to Magento Marketplace for visiting

To find Magento partners featured on Marketplace

In the Magento Marketplace Admin homepage, take a look at sidebar and click on Find Partners & Extensions. There will be lists of Magento partners. For more details of each partner, please click on Learn More button under its name and only in a jiffy, all the essential information of selected partner will be displayed on the screen clearly.
To learn more, see the Magento Marketplace User Guide. For extension installation instructions, see Component Manager in this guide, or the Marketplace Quick Tour.

To install extensions

Finding and choosing for a necessary extension for your Magento 2 store to install is not difficult at all when you are in Magento Marketplace. Magento Marketplace aggregates and provides you thousands outstanding Magento extensions from thousands prestigious Magento providers in all around the world. You just need to consider which is the best suitable one for your Magento 2 store and then Magento providers will help you complete the rest parts of installing extension progress.
In addition to these, installing an extension is a process with requiring three steps which should take place during your working hours. Before the extension is installed, the maintenance mode, checked for readiness and backed up are all on for your store getting ready. After the extension is installed, it must be the configuration time for your store following the developers’s instructions.
For more details of step-by-step installation instructions, see the Marketplace User Guide

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