A Quick Introduction of Grid Controls in Magento 2


Admin pages that control data show a list of records in a grid. In this article, we will focus on giving a quick introduction of managing the grid in Magento 2.

Admin will manage the data more effectively if he or she knows how to make use of grid controls in the backend page. Firstly, you can easily sort the data with the controls at the top of each column in the grid. The arrow in the column header indicates that the current sort order is either ascending or descending so that looking for data becomes more convenient. Secondly, you are capable of determining which columns display in the grid or changing different positions of them. Moreover, various column arrangements can be kept as views for the purpose of being used later. The Action column shows activities that can be applied to each record. Finally, the data from the current view can be conveyed to a CSV or Excel XML file.

Assort the list:

1. Choose any column header. The arrow shows the current order is ascending or descending.
2. To see other pages in the collection, utilize the pagination controls

Number the page:

1. Apply the Pagination control to the number of records that you want to view per page.
2. Click Next and Previous to page through the list, or enter a detailed Page Number

Filter the list:

1. Tap Filters icon
2. To define the record that you want to look for, fill in as many filters as necessary
3. Select Apply Filters to finish

We have shown you the brief overview of grid controls and how to manage the grid in Magento 2. We hope that this article is useful for the ones who are finding information about grid controls. If you need any help, please feel free to contact us.

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