How To Set Up User Roles In Magento 2 Admin Panel

To restrict the right to access admin of user, first, you have to create a role that has the specific level of permission. Then you save the role and assign users the restricted role to grant them limited access to the Admin.


To set up a role, you have two steps, but first, you have to open the User Roles table:

On the admin sidebar, click System >  Under Permission click User Roles > Click Add New Role then follow these steps

Step 1: Define the Role

Enter required information to Role Name and Your Password.

Role Name
Role Name

Step 2: Assign Resources

Don’t forget to disable access to the Permissions if you are restricting access for a given role. Otherwise, users will be able to modify their permissions.

  1. Set Role Scopes to All or Custom.
  2. Under Roles Resources, set Resource Access to “Custom.”
  3. In the folder tree, mark the checkbox of each Resource that the role can control.
  4. Click Save Role after completed and the role will display in the grid to be assigned to new user accounts.

To edit a role:

  1. In the Roles table, open the record in the edit mode.
  2. Enter your password and click Role Users.
  3. To search for a specific user record, you can use the search filter, to return a full list, click Reset Filter
  4. Tick the checkbox of users to be assigned to the role, then click Save Role
Role Users
Role Users

Above is a tutorial on how to set up user roles in Magento 2 admin panel. We hope that you can control the administrators manage the system in Magento 2 platform correctly and effectively. In the next articles, we will describe the other media storage, using database and CDN. Keep tracking Magestandard by subscribing to our blog to read more Magento 2 tutorial article. See you in the next blog post.