How to Configure Online Session Length in Magento 2

All the information that is given by customer when they register into your system and the customer’s experience during the registration process is determined in the customer account settings. Here are six factors included in configuring customer account: Online Session Length, Customer Account Scope, Login Landing Page, New Account Options, Name and Address Options, Password Options. Thus, in this article, we would like to give you an overview of Online Session Length and how to configure it in the customer account setting.

An introduction of Online Session Length in Magento 2

The Online Session Length is included in the customer account settings. For your information, fifteen minutes is the default length per customer session.

The current session automatically ends if you do not have any interaction with keyboard during active time. After that, customers have to log in to their accounts again to continue shopping. If customers set Enabled for Persistent Cart, in the next time they log in to their accounts, they still see the contents of their carts before. In addition, the online session length totally can be configured by admin in the customer account setting.

How to configure Online Session Length in Magento 2

To configure the online session length, do the following:

  1. Open the Admin home page. Then take a look at slidebar and click on Stores symbol. Next, choose Configuration under Settings.
  2. In the board on the left, expand Customers and choose Customer Configuration.
  3. When Customer Configuration appears, expand the Online Customers Options sector.
  4. In the Online Minutes Interval area, enter the number of minutes you want to set for one online customer session length. You are allowed to leave that field empty and then the interval time will be set to default by fifteen minutes.
  5. If you are ready to save information, click on Save Config button to finish.

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An Overview of Persistent Cart in Magento 2

A Persistent Cart is a tool provided by Magento 2, which is one of the most popular platforms used by e-commerce businesses. Once this tool is enabled by admin in the backend, it will keep tracks of items that are added to cart but have not been purchased by customers. The information saved will be shown up in the next time that customer shopping on your store. In other words, a “remembered” customer can have their previous buying activities stored and be available for the next visit.

From a store owner point of view, a Persistent Cart can help to bring better shopping experiences to your customers, improve your brand image and gain more loyal customers to your store. Moreover, a persistent shopping cart can minimize the number of empty carts, which results in an increase in sales.

When the Persistent Cart is activated, registered customers are required to log in with their own accounts before going through checkout. For guest shoppers, they need to sign up with new account if they want to recover information from their last shopping.

In order to use the Persistent Cart, customers have to enable two cookies for their browsers. During the operation, these following two cookies are required:

  • Session Cookie: Is a short-term cookie. Its duration is only a single customer visit to your site. In other words, the cookies starts when a customer logs in and expires when that customer leaves.
  • Persistent Cookie: Is a long-term cookie. Unlike Session Cookie, Persistent Cookie remains functioning even when customers leave the store. This cookie also allow to record the contents of customers’ shopping activities for future reference. Persistent Cookie duration can be set to a period of time depending on your preference, but the maximum is 31,536,000 seconds (this number is equal to one year) set by default Magento 2.

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