A Complete Guideline of Adding Websites In Magento 2

In the same Magento installation, store administrators can set up many websites. The websites can be set up to share the same domain or use different domains. If you want to separate the checkout process of each store under its domain, you have to select a distinct IP and separate Security Certificate for each store. In this article, we will provide a tutorial on adding websites in Magento 2

Multiple Websites Adding websites in magento 2
Multiple Websites

There are two primary steps in adding websites in Magento 2: Create a New Website and Configure the Store URL

Step 1: Create a New Website

On the admin sidebar click Stores > All Stores > Create Website. Follow these steps

Website Information adding websites in magento 2
Website Information
  • Input the domain of new website into a Name text field
  • Input a Code text field that server will use it to point to the domain

The code must start with a lowercase letter(a-z), and can include any combination of letters (a-z), numbers (0-9), and the underscore (_) symbol.

  • Input a sort number to decide the sequence in which this site is listed with other sites. A zero will put the site to the top of the list (Optional)
  • Set Default Store for this website.

Step 2: Configure the Store URL

Read this article to know how to Configure the Store URL

Above is an article about the progress of adding websites in Magento 2 and tutorial on how to create a new website in admin controller. We hope that this article will provide useful information for Magento 2 store administrators to completely handle the basic configuration. In the next article, we will provide a guideline on Store URL and using a custom admin URL. Don’t forget to like and share if you think this article is useful, and subscribe Magestandard for weekly Magento 2 tutorial articles.

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