A Complete User Guide of Customers Menu in Magento 2

Customers play a vital role in business, especially in e-commerce in general and in Magento 2 in specific. Refer to customers in Magento 2 admin panel, we often talk about Customer Account and Customer Groups. However, before discussing 2 these areas, we need to understand about another definition: Customers Menu.


Customers Menu in Magento 2

Customers Menu, as its name, is a menu which contains access to management tools of customers accounts as well as allows you to know who is online currently on your Magento 2 store.

Magento 2 Customers Menu consists of 2 parts: All Customers and Online Customers. Hence, if you click Customer Menu on the left side, you have to select among 2 options mentioned above.

All Customers on Customers Menu in Magento 2

When access to All Customers page, there will be a list of all customers who have registered for an account in your store or were created by admin. When you access to All Customers from the admin panel, you can manage or edit information of those customers depending on your purpose.

For more details, keep updating the upcoming article about All Customers.

Online Customers on Customers Menu in Magento 2

Now Online options show lists of all visitors and customers who are online currently in your Magento store. The length of online session can be configured and determines how long the activity of customers is visible in the backend. Besides, the default length of online session lasts 15 mins.
Please check the next coming blog for more information of Magento 2 Online Customers of Customers Menu .

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