A Complete Guide of Websites, Stores and Views in Magento 2 Basic Configuration

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Every Magento 2 installation has a system of website(s), store(s), and store view(s). The place in the system of database entity is determined by the term “scope” – such as such as a product, attribute, or category – content element, or configuration setting applies. A relationship between websites, stores, and store views is one-to-many parent/child. A Magento 2 installation can have many websites, and each website can have many stores and store views. In this article, we will provide information about each part of Magento 2 Basic Configuration: Websites, Stores and Views.

  1. Websites

By default, a single website called “Main Website” is the basic start of all Magento 2 installations. For a single installation, multiple websites can be set up, each one with its own domain and IP address.

  1. Stores

Multiple stores can be created on a single website, each with its own main menu. The web store has the similar product catalog, but can have an alternate selection of products and design. All stores under a similar site share the same Admin and checkout.

  1. Store Views

Each store which is available for customers is displayed following a specific “view”. In the beginning, a store only has a single view. To support different languages or for any other purposes, you can add other store views. The language can be selected in the header by customers to change the store view.

Above is an information article about three important part of Magento 2 Basic Configuration: Websites, Stores and View. We hope that you will find useful information from this article. If you have any question, feel free to leave a comment. In the next article, we will tell more about each part of Basic Configuration. Don’t forget to subscribe Magestandard for more Magento article.

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