All The Things About Permission in Magento 2 You Should Know


In Magento 2, the access levels of the admin are determined based on their own roles and permissions straightly. In the very first step of setting your Magento 2 store, the system sends admin a set of login credentials for the Administrator role which is fully provided permissions. Nevertheless, for other people who work on your site, admin is totally able to restrict the level of permissions on a “need to know” basis. For instance, if you are a Designer of the Magento 2 store, the admin completely can allow you to access to only the Design tools. So, for the areas with customers and order information, you are not able to reach.

Besides, you also can further limit the ability of Admin access to only a specific site or set of sites and their associated data. In case you have more than one brands or business units with particular stores running in the same Magento 2 installation, it is free to not only provide Admin access to each of your business units but also hide and protect their data from other Admin users without any struggling.

In addition to these, if an Admin user’s access is restricted to specific websites or stores or both of them, the websites and stores in which admin users are not authorized will either not be visible to them or shown as inactive at all. And only the sales and other data which is enabled for permitted websites and stores is displayed.


In short, here is all the detailed information of Permissions in Magento 2 we want to share you. Hope that this article can bring you as much as impossible necessary knowledge of Permissions and even help you in set up your Magento 2 store greatly. If you find it helpful for yourself, please Like, Share and Subscribe to keep updating for our more coming articles!


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